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Fukushima ongakudo (Concert Hall), Fukushima Prefecture, 27.03.2014

In March 2012, responding to requests of young middle-school students in Fukushima to come together for a performance at the Fukushima Ongakudo. The Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta demonstrated how important music can be as an agent of healing in times of great emotional upheaval and future uncertainty. The mere preparation for a concert brought varied communities together for the common purpose of playing or listening to music together – an act that is so simple and powerful –and yet so under-appreciated.
The concert in Fukushima was very successful. Panos and Zach conducted most of the programme, while, at the last minute, two of the teachers (Suda-sensei and Sato-sensei) also participated, conducting two of the shorter works. This was the best performance the students had displayed to date, and, according to their teachers, the best performance they had ever heard from students of these middle schools.
Visit our Facebook page for an extended photo gallery of this event and visit Keys Of Change website for more info on this wonderful experience.
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