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 Meet The Musicians 

Meet The Orchestra


Here's some of our young talented musicians. This is what they have to say about playing music in the FYS. 

K. M. (viola)

Being the youngest of the team, I had always been very nervous about my new position as the viola section leader, but whenever I was less confident, everyone around me cheered me up. I truly believe this is the best orchestra in the world.
 The Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta has become my safe place. I was happy to find friends to support me when things felt difficult. I am very proud to play music in this orchestra and I feel I have developed myself a lot. FYS has become my life-long orchestra and place that I can really be myself. I even regret that I did not join earlier. I truly love this orchestra. FYS is now my second home. I love, love it so much in a way my words cannot express. 

Photo by Miko Tanaka
Photo by Miko Tanaka
I. K. (viola)

To do well in the entrance exams, all I have done in the last six months was to study. Recently, I have just taken out my instrument from the case after all these months, and changed its strings to start playing again in this orchestra from this spring. I believe the reason why I could really focus on my study was thanks to the confidence I had achieved through successful stage performances in London and Boston (with FYS). I am eternally grateful for people in the FYS.

Photo by Miko Tanaka
K. T. (cello)

Only music gave me courage and strength when I changed school from my home town, Minami Soma, because of the radiation. I feel very nervous to play in such a prestigious hall, but I would like to convey my appreciation to music. I have been practicing hard with my friends, aiming to become a symbol of restoration of Fukushima. I wish the audience today will share our excitement.

Photo by Miko Tanaka
K. W. (violin)

The only reason why I have kept playing the violin is because of the Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta. I am most grateful that many people who are involved with this orchestra believe in me and help me. I have found a place that I belong at this FYS.

Photo by Miko Tanaka
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