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"Our life was severely affected by the earthquake and the accident at the nuclear power plant. However, there were people who supported my life. Keys of Change is one of them. I would like to do my best to express joy and warmth to the audience tonight. Also, the very great efforts we are making will show our appreciation to Mr. Panos Karan and all of those who planned this wonderful collaboration with a professional orchestra in London."
Mayuko Shio, Cello

"Only music gave me courage and strength when I changed school from my home town, Minami Soma, because of the radiation. I feel very nervous to play in such a prestigious hall, but I would like to convey my appreciation to music. I have been practicing hard with my friends, aiming to become a symbol of restoration of Fukushima. I wish the audience today will share our excitement."

Kyosuke Takano, Cello







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